VSCode 有 Emacs 的keymap键盘绑定吗

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Move commands

Command Prefix argument Desc
C-f Move forward (forward-char)
C-b Move backward (backward-char)
C-n Move to the next line (next-line)
C-p Move to the previous line (previous-line)
C-a Move to the beginning of line (move-beginning-of-line)
C-e Move to the end of line (move-end-of-line)
M-f Move forward by one word unit (forward-word)
M-b Move backward by one word unit (backward-word)
C-v Scroll down by one screen unit (scroll-up-command)
M-v Scroll up by one screen unit (scroll-down-command)
M-g g (M-g M-g) Jump to line (command palette)
M-g n (M-g M-n, C-x `) Jump to next error
M-g p (M-g M-p) Jump to previous error
C-l Center screen on current line (recenter-top-bottom)

Search Commands

Command Desc
C-s Search forward
C-r Search backward
M-S-5 (M-% with US keyboard) Replace
C-Enter Replace One Match (In replace dialog)
C-M-n Add selection to next find match
C-M-p Add selection to previous find match

Edit commands

Command Prefix argument Desc
C-d Delete right (DEL)
C-h Delete left (BACKSPACE)
M-d Kill word (kill-word)
M-Bksp Kill word left (backward-kill-word)
C-k Kill from the current cursor to the end of line (kill-line)
C-S-Bksp Kill whole line (kill-whole-line)
C-w Kill region
M-w Copy region to kill ring
C-y Yank
M-y Yank pop
C-o Open line
C-j New line
C-m New line
C-x C-o Delete blank lines around (delete-blank-lines)
C-x h Select All
C-x u (C-/) Undo
C-; Toggle line comment in and out
M-; Toggle region comment in and out
C-x C-l (M-l) Convert to lower case (On the Emacs' original behavior, C-x C-l and M-l are assigned to the different functionalities. However, this extension assigns these keys to the same emacs-mcx.transformToLowercase command which calls editor.action.transformToLowercase command internally and works similarly to both the original Emacs' functionalities based on the context. Uppercase (below) is same)
C-x C-u (M-u) Convert to upper case

Other Commands

Command Desc
C-g (ESC) Cancel
C-space Set mark
C-quote IntelliSense Suggestion
M-x Open command palette
C-M-SPC Toggle SideBar visibility
C-x z Toggle Zen Mode

File Commands

Command Desc
C-x C-s Save
C-x C-w Save as
C-x C-n Open new window

Tab / Buffer Manipulation Commands

Command Desc
C-x b Switch to another open buffer
C-x C-f QuickOpen a file
C-x k Close current tab (buffer)
C-x C-k Close all tabs
C-x 0 Close editors in the current group.
C-x 1 Close editors in other (split) group.
C-x 2 Split editor horizontal
C-x 3 Split editor vertical
C-x 4 Toggle split layout (vertical to horizontal)
C-x o Focus other split editor

Prefix argument

Command Desc
C-u universal-argument (See https://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/emacs/Arguments.html for detail)


Command Prefix argument Desc
C-M-f Move forward by one s-exp
C-M-b Move backward by one s-exp
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